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Hi! I’m Alina Margineanu NLP Coach, Trainer, Author & Facilitator.
I am passionate about life and I am fully committed to help you manifest the best of your magnificent inner potential and live the blissful life that you deserve.


We all have a unique mission we need to manifest into this world. For me, mission is to live my life according to my values and my ideals, respecting and honoring the people around me, the whole environment that supports us all and to help as many people as possible to fulfill their mission in life, their dreams and follow their inner bliss with confidence and integrity.

My Journey

After graduating the bilingual high school “George Cosbuc” in Bucharest, I attended the courses of the Trade Faculty within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest (ASE) followed by a master’s course in “Quality Management” (within ASE) and a master’s course in “Business Administration” within the University of Bucharest – Faculty of Sociology and Social Work in cooperation with the American Seminar Leaders Association (ASLA) as the partner organization of this course.

Since college, I engaged in the business world and activated in small and medium enterprises, but also in large multinational companies, mainly in areas like marketing and purchasing. This allowed me to gain a very good knowledge and very different perspectives of the business world from inside out and develop a high-level of expertise.

While I was still working as Category Manager in a large retail company, I decided to follow my true passion and calling: helping people achieve their dreams and have a joyful, meaningful life.

And after years of attending courses and getting professional certifications and credentials in coaching and training (ARONLP, EANLP, IANLP, Noble Manhattan Coaching UK), attending conferences and courses with top performers in the personal development world (e.g.T.Harv Eker, Gregg Braden, Gerry Robert, Stephen Gilligan Ph.D), I decided to start my own coaching and training practice in order to manifest my dream into reality and contribute to change people’s life in order to manifest their inner greatness.

I am deeply grateful to all those who have put their mark on my evolution until now, who have helped me in the transformation process and I am fully confident that also in the future I shall meet the exact persons who will open for me the most appropriate doors to new horizons of knowledge and consciousness.

And through my coaching, training and consultancy I am passing this opportunity on to those who need support to achieve their goals and change their lives.

You can find out more information about my services here and see how you can benefit from our working together.

As I was myself a beneficiary of the support of some absolutely beautiful people who have helped me to overcome moments in which the situations seemed almost with no way out, now the most important thing that I want is that to be myself a supportive element for those who want to live a conscious life, congruent with their needs and values.


The main values I guide my life and activity are: responsibility, devotion, loyalty, compassion, altruism, morality, social spirit and engagement. My existence up until now allowed me to accumulate information, techniques and experiences as well as the revelation of inner resources through which I can now accompany others who are on their journey of personal, professional, spiritual development, so that they can really enjoy their life and achieve success.

Life Style

The most appropriate attribute to characterize my life style is: responsible – towards myself, towards the people around me, towards the environment.

In order to have a harmonious lifestyle, it is important to create and maintain the balance of the following levels: physical, mental, relational, financial, and spiritual. That is why the “wheel of life” cannot spin if there are chapters in our lives that do not satisfy us or that were affected because of our excessive concentration on other aspects. It is necessary for the 5 levels to grow in harmony and balance, within a holistic process, so that life can be lived in all its complex diversity and greatness.  

And all these aspects and principles are reflected in my work and the relationships I build with the people that choose me to accompany and guide them on their way to achieve their true life purpose. #followyourbliss

Life Style

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