get the help you need

Through the services I provide, I am helping especially young start-up professionals, freelancers or entrepreneurs create a clear vision of their mission in life and turn their dreams into reality.

Working together, you can  build the clarity, strategy, skills and mind-set that you need in order to achieve the highest results possible for you in the area of life that you focus on.


NLP Coaching for you

Having its roots in the 1970s, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) finds itself today at the 3rd stage  of development and is now capable of creating sustainable generative change through the interaction that takes place inside the coaching relationship, between the coach and the coachee (client).

If you are ready to make a big difference in your life and transform the way you do things and the results you have, than NLP Coaching is exactly the perfect choice for you.

The main areas to work on that you can choose from, according to your particular interest are: Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Business Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Spiritual Coaching.

Here you can find out more about how coaching can help you.


Get the skills you need

If coaching helps you get you the mind-set and the drive to move to action, the trainings you will find here will help you get the skills you need in order to be successful in your endeavors.

In today’s society, things are moving so fast, that “you need to run in order to keep up or else, you will be left behind”.

As a young entrepreneur, you need to joggle with many new and rapidly-changing attributes in order to drive your business.

A more detailed description of the courses I created for young entrepreneurs is available here.


insight for business

Starting your own business can be very challenging  especially today. As a startup freelancer or entrepreneur you often need to support and know-how in creating and implementing a successful strategy.

Build Your Brand! And Lead Your Team! are 2 consultancy programs designed to help you get started on your path to business success.