Get Insight for Your Business

As I started my journey from employee to having my own business, I was faced with many challenges I had to face in order to achieve my goal.

And I spent a lot of time, energy and resources in order to figure out the best strategies, action plans, time lines and the most appropriate ways to implement and integrate all those things into my daily routine.

Because “I have been through this” and I can speak from experience, I truly think  you do not have to go through the same thing yourself.

That is why I have designed two programs to help you get started.

The first one – Build Your Brand! – is meant go get you off the ground and create a visible and tangible representation of your business. That includes having a long-term vision, strategy, explicit action steps for your business as well as generating an online presence in order to get to your clients and let them know how they can benefit from your services and products.

The second consultancy program – Lead Your Team! – helps you overcome the challenge of growing your business from DIY (you as single owner/manager/operational agent) to business that engages a team that needs to be coordinated.

The program focuses on providing you necessary leadership, organizational, people-management, conflict management, time-management, coaching and strategic thinking skills that you need in order to have a fully functional, effective team that meets the business objectives as smoothly as possible.

Much too often, the importance of how your mentality needs to change in order to adapt the level of business you find yourself in is overseen.

When you go from employee to freelancer or solo entrepreneur, you also need to change your mindset and the way you perceive yourself. And, similarly, when your business grows and you start building a team, your mindset needs to change once more in order to adapt to the new status and manage it accordingly.

So these are the key moments when you can use these programs with best results.

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